Trouble sleeping?

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Trouble sleeping?


I was told that our brain is like a computer system. It cannot fully shutdown if programs are still running.

Last night I was wide awake until 4am. Tossing and turning. My pregnant wife sleeping soundly beside me. (Well I think she was)

The relaxation exercises and meditating techniques were all failed attempts. My mind was filled with so many random thoughts.

The ideal scenario is by the time you lie down, your brain shuts down. It can’t when there are programs still running.

Work loads. Chores. Emails. Your pretty unorganized work desk.

Although these may not be what you are exactly thinking. They are in the back of your mind. Waiting to be noticed. But because notice is not given, they are still there watching you in the night.

So what can I do?

Accomplish all of these things in one day so I can sleep?

That does not sound efficient at all. I mean you can do all of them if you want to, but to accomplish all of your tasks everyday before going to bed is near impossible.

Just giving them proper notice would help in a really big way.

A program left running would stay running.

But if you click on that window and go through it even just briefly. You can add to it and have the opportunity to save your progress. Then you can close it. Re-open it the next day with fresh eyes who just had a good amount of sleep.

Take for example your emails. They say that an inbox is meant to always be empty. Just looking at an inbox with thousands of messages takes a lot out of you.

If you can organize your emails in a better way, placing them in different folders. Work, personal, updates, urgent, etc., it would be a big difference. Then you can delete those other emails that are just cluttering your inbox and your brain at night as well.

Just imagine an inbox like this everytime you sleep at night.

Now doesn’t that feel great?

Still no? Well it’s a start! 🙂

Have a great night!

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