Why would one bother to follow this blog?

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Why would one bother to follow this blog?


Just one look at the opening page and right off the bat you know that this is something that you won’t bother to bookmark or share.

I mean, who is this guy? 

He’s not famous.

It does not have a niche so I probably will not get any value in this at all.

and honestly, enzotoledo.com with a blog titled enzo toledo, a page named enzo toledo and a face who most probably is enzo toledo? What a narcissistic bastard.

You probably won’t be returning here at all so as we part ways, I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors.

At least this is one place in cyberspace that you’ve marked as “never return to again”

Before you know it, you are now beginning to filter your life of things which you know are not good for you or those which are just a waste of your time.

I mean, you are on the internet, there are billions and billions of stuff here that don’t add anything of value to you.

I just hope that you continue this habit of filtering things which do not add any significance to your life.

Not just on the internet but offline as well.

That may just be the start of you living a life that you were meant to live.


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